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It is a fact that many of our most beloved artists don’t earn enough to afford health care or to put aside funds to carry them through a personal or natural disaster.

The Festival of Arts community faced this reality in 1999 when one of its own confronted debilitating medical treatments. In response, Festival artists, led by Anne England, came together to raise and contribute critically needed financial assistance for their fellow FOA artist.

Founder Anne England Founder Anne England

This shared experience inspired a number of exhibitors to establish an ongoing fund for artists who encounter such hardship. Their plan was to annually collect artwork donated by Festival exhibitors, sell it and create a fund to be accessed as emergencies arise. Since that time, the Artists Fund has assisted numerous FOA artists who were victims of medical necessity, natural disaster or other debilitating circumstances.

To help lessen current burdens of artists in need and take proactive steps to minimize exposure to unexpected future hardship the executive board recently voted to expand services to include counseling, mentoring, scholarships, and a personal assistance program.

Photo & Video by Rick Graves